Trichogen; An efficient weapon to fight with hair fall

Trichogen is the latest invented technology, to get rid of hair fall. It promotes hair regrowth and makes hair thicker and stronger. Trichogen is a new achievement in the field of skin and hair health products. This product’s technology is based on cell-molecular science, and can end the crisis of hair fall in men and women.

Why Trichogen should be chosen?

Make an impact after a week

Hair growth in 2 months

Complete recovery in 8 to 12 months

No return

Hormone Free

?Who can use Trichogen

Trichogen is suitable for all men and women over 15 years old
This lotion is effective for hair regrowth, even for eyebrows and beard.
Trichogen is the best way to maintain and strengthen transplanted hair.
This lotion is an effective supportive product in all hair loss treatment strategies such as mesotherapy and PRP.
Trichogen is not a cure for alopecia areata, but it can be used to expedite the recovery and to reduce the treatment time.
Trichogen is hormone free and no drug interaction occurs after applying it.
Trichogen is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women

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What you said

 Your satisfaction; is our pride. The effect of Trichogen is not limited to enhance your beauty, but it makes your hairs healthier, stronger and better looking.

Due to the unprincipled weight loss diet, I suffered from hair fall and lost a lot of my hair. After using Trichogen, my lost hair came back and my hair became thicker. I am satisfied with the use of Trichogen and I have recommended it to many of my relatives.

24 years, said


I have been suffering from hair fall for the last few years and my hair was very thin and weak.On the advice of a friend, I became acquainted with Trichogen. Although at first, I did not trust this product, but after two months, I saw lint on my scalp and my hair has become very strong. I am satisfied with using this lotion.

27 years, said


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